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Specialists in Noise Control

We are an award winning specialist engineering company involved in the control of industrial and environmental noise and vibration. Controlling Noise and Vibration is a complex issue, we have the skill and experience required and manufacture a range of innovative solutions at our own advanced facilities.

Our Standard Products

CP01 Series

CP03 Series

R02 Rectangular Silencers

IP01 Limpet Fan Flange

IP03 Mounting Feet

IP05 Flange Mount Single

LP Acoustic Louvres

Our Divisions

We believe that constant improvements and innovation are necessary in order to provide our customers with more efficient product in time, material and energy resource usage and to maintain the stimulation and excitement of our talented colleagues.

All modern buildings contain services to provide heat, water, light, power and ventilation, noise and vibration are an issue that many of these services require attention from qualified and experienced engineers to resolve.
Acoustic Structures
Acoustic Structures
Our depth of knowledge and innovative engineering approach has created enviable organic growth within this area of activity. This success has created a very wide variety of projects from salad farms to Oil rigs and Supermarkets to Merchant Bank offices.
Architectural Solutions
Architectural Solutions
At Acoustica we can apply our considerable noise and vibration control experience to design in integrated solutions to assist manufacturers to achieve quieter products, whether to comply with health & safety regulations or to minimise the impact on the environmental of their equipment.

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Our Prestigious Clients

Acoustica has expanded to become a leading name in the noise control industry. Our aim is to engineer solutions that stand up to the closest scrutiny. We have some well known and satisfied clients, including Rolls Royce, British Airways, General Motors, Glaxo Smith Kline, Thames Water, Tyco Oil & Gas, UK Ministry of Defence, Proctor & Gamble and Tesco amongst others.